APPartament service has overtaken the usual sites for apartment owners and introduced a new platform that allows you to place ads for finding residents, selling and renting real estate with minimal risk. Convenient built-in search will help you make a choice in favor of a particular Ukrainian city and region, set the price range, type of property and start selecting the appropriate offers.

How do real estate sites in Ukraine work?

If the owner wants to sell or rent an apartment without intermediaries, it is wise to use the help of an online resource. With its help you can expose a specific object (room, apartment, cottage or house), download a complete list of technical data and quality photos to ensure maximum access for all categories of users. Potential buyers or tenants will be able to quickly assess the condition of the housing and its location, ask questions about payment or review. All communication with potential customers is carried out directly, through the website, which does not charge additional fees and other costs that may affect the possibility of the earliest possible realization of housing.

Daily rent of apartments is also in great demand, especially among clients from big cities – Kyiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Vinnytsia. The service will help to find fully equipped and furnished apartments for rent without intermediaries from both regular and mobile versions of the site. To do this, just launch the main page of the resource and start selecting relevant offers. The latest ads are at the top, which significantly speeds up the process. In addition, users can add their favorite options to the selected selection to easily return to the most relevant at the end of the search.

It is advantageous to rent an apartment for rent on our service due to the following advantages:

  • All available offers are as real and up-to-date as possible;
  • The customer will be able to get support on all issues;
  • Communicating directly with the owner will speed up the transaction process;
  • loyal pricing policy and the ability to implement the task in a certain range of the budget;
  • user-friendly interface with built-in virtual search;
    no risks and intermediaries.

How to quickly place an apartment for rent with the help of the service?

The official site for renting housing offers a dense and profitable placement of ads using a ready-made virtual form. Before that, the user will need to go through a simple registration procedure and start creating an offer. Resource managers and moderators are always ready to help resolve controversial aspects.